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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fools Rush In....

So...there is speculation that the Iraqi insurgants deliberately targeted the women marines who were killed in Fallujah. Maybe that is an overestimation of the skills and sophistication of the bad guys. Right now, I still tend to believe that it was just a random attack. Of course, if similar attacks occur in the future, and they are specifically directed against US women, then it will be enough to convince me.

The NY Times had an article on heavy duty armored vehicles which are being deployed in Iraq. One wonders whether the military will resort to ferrying the women members of the armed forces around in the "Rhino Runners"?

Here is the description, as given by Glanz and Burns:

"The latest Falluja attack took place on the main east-west road through town, known as Highway 10, about 400 yards west of the main checkpoint on the city's eastern edge. On Friday morning, tires from the truck - a standard seven-ton transport vehicle - and pieces of metal from the car used in the attack still littered the cracked asphalt of the road.

A witness to the bombing, Muhammad Anwar, said that the car approached an American military convoy from the side and swerved toward the truck, which was visibly packed with military personnel."

Obviously, if the military insists on transporting troops on minimally armored, inadequately protected, vehicles, then we can only expect more of the same


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